Eyelid Tumors

The eyelid skin is the thinnest and most sensitive skin on your body. As a result, this is often the first area on your face to show change from sun damage and aging. Unfortunately, sun damage and other environmental toxins not only cause the skin to age but can cause serious damage. Skin cancer of the eyelids is relatively common and several types exist. The presence of a nodule or lesion on the eyelid that grows, bleed or ulcerates should be evaluated. This involves examination and sometimes a biopsy. Growths that are determined to be cancerous typically can be cured by excision followed by reconstruction of the defect left behind after tumor removal. Sometimes the surgeon will perform this themselves at a surgical facility with an on site pathologist who can immediately examine the specimen to ensure the whole tumor was removed. Other times, the help of a dermatologic surgeon specializing in Mohs surgical excision will be utilized. This procedure is completed into two steps, the first in the dermatologist’s office with immediate examination of the tumor to ensure its complete removal followed by the reconstructive surgery by your surgeon. For those tumors that are more aggressive and require more involved care to ensure complete treatment, your surgeon will help coordinate this as part of your treatment depending on the size, type, and circumstances of the tumor at presentation.

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